• Tracking
    Be the personal safety guardian of your loved ones when required.
    Use SafetiPin safety tracker feature and track your loved ones to know they are safe!
  • Safety Score
    Moving into a new locality or simply visiting a new place?
    Compare the safety score of a place, vis-a-vis that of the other places!
  • Locate
    Locate nearby places of interest with their safety information and directions.
    Find nearby hospitals, banks, filling stations, hotels, 24 hour pharmacies, and more quickly.
  • Recording and Audits
    Make your city safer – report what you see and feel!
    Record places, harassments, hazards and audits in a fun way!

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  • Safetipin Launch

    SafetiPin Mobile Safety App launchA G K Menon, architect, urban planner and conservation consultant speaking.  

  • Safetipin Launch

    Susmit Sen speaking at SafetiPin mobile safety app launch.

  • Safetipin Launch

    In an interview, Ashish Basu (founder of Safetipin) shared his vision about safetipin and also explained in detail about features of the app.

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  • Safetipin Launch

    19 September 13 | Before using Safetipin, I had felt unsafe before, but didn't really understand why. Using the app this last month has really helped me understand what makes a place safe or unsafe, and what we can do to fix it.

    On September 16th 2014

  • Safetipin Launch

    19 September 13 | When we were introduced to the Safetipin app, I had my doubts about the practicality of the application and whether or not it will be able to improve the safety situation. But when I personally did the safety audits, standing at particular public spots and rating the place on a safety scale, I realized that yes this app will be great in providing safety level information about places, whether or not certain places should be visited during dark, etc. I really hope this application gains the popularity and usage it deserves!

    On September 4th 2014

  • Safetipin Launch

    19 September 13 | Safetipin is very easy and fun to use. It provides a lot of useful information for everyone, not just women and children. For example, using it, you can easily find out where the closest auto stands are, or the closest 24-chemist, and even the closest ATM. If you ever need to locate these, you can just use the app and find it. Its great because you feel like youre being helped and also helping each other!

    On April 29th 2014

It has been a year since Safetipin was launched by Nandita Das in Delhi. Beginning with safety audits in Delhi,  there are now seven cities in India where Safetipin audits are being conducted on a large scale and several others which will begin soon. We have almost 20,000 points mapped all over India.  These audits show which areas where people feel safe or less safe. We have several partners organisations including Jagori, Swayam, Samyak, North East Network, Sakhi, Prajnya, Bengaluru Needs You , Vishaka, Safecity, Satark Nagrik Sanghatan, We the People, I am Gurgaon, and Gurgaon ki Awaz. We are very excited to have so many partners in such a short time and look forward to many more collaborations. In addition to audits in India, other countries have also started using it. We launched a Spanish version in partnership with the Municipal Secretary of Women, Bogota, Colombia and presented it at the World Urban Forum in Medellin in April this year. Further it has been warmly adopted in Indonesia when the Governor of Jakarta exhorted citizens to download and conduct audits around the city to let the government know which areas were safe or not.  Now in Indonesia, more than 2000 points have been mapped for safety.  A Bahasa version of Safetipin will be shortly launched for wider usage in Indonesia.  We also expect to have a few more cities using Safetipin in the near future. We have been able to share the audit findings with some stakeholder agencies including Delhi Police, Delhi Transport Corporation, Gurgaon Police, Haryana Urban Development Authority and look forward to a positive response from them. As the quantity of data increases, we expect that government agencies will be able to use this data to plan interventions that will improve safety conditions in our cities. In the two cities in Kerala where audits have been done, the police are using the data collected to understand the causes of unsafety. We began a over year ago with support from DFID and over the year,  Ford Foundation and The Asia Foundation have also started supporting some of our work. We will soon  be starting a project with Packard Foundation.  We are very privileged to have the support of these organisations which has allowed us to grow and spread Safetipin wider. We are looking forward to some interesting projects in the coming year both for collecting data on a large scale and interesting advocacy and change projects with key stakeholders.   We hope many people continue to download Safetipin and use it to enhance their personal safety and to work towards creating safer neighbourhoods and cities.

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PHOTO CONTEST THEMES: We are looking for photographs showing people using our city in interesting ways.  These photographs can be from any public part of the city - markets, parks, bus-stands,... but should show how people engage with the city   HOW TO ENTER:   Enter your photograph here by selecting the Upload button.  Image Size should have a long dimension of at least 1000 pixels and no more than 3000 pixels.  The file must be in the JPG format, with maximum quality.  The File size should be no more than 4 Mb.    PRIZES:   The contest is between 12th Nov 2014 and 5th Dec 2014.Winners will be selected based on the number of votes received.There will also be a 'critics' award.     The total prize money is INR 25,000/- along with other prizes.The winners will be declared on 10th Dec 2014 on our facebook page and will be informed through email.

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Locate Points of Interest

The locate feature facilitates you in case of any emergency. SafetiPin lets you find nearby 24 hour pharmacies, hospitals, banks, filling stations, restaurants, hotels, theaters, and more quickly.

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