The Safety Score

The Safety Score is based on research and statistically validated. It represents how safe a person will feel in a place after dark. All SafetiPin apps have the safety score

Use SafetiPin to make safer decisions

Set rules on SafetiPin Track to let friends know only if something unusual happens. Decide safe places to stay or visit at night after checking on My SafetiPin

Now, you can help make your city safer

We need your input! Use My SafetiPin to let us know how safe you feel in a place, or do an audit. Use SafetiPin (Classic), to report hazards and harassment.


This coverage by CNN IBN explains how using SafetiPin can make our cities safer and more inclusive; and provide you with methods to stay safe.

The cornerstone of SafetiPin is a smartphone safety audit app that everybody can access, and anybody can contribute information to Stability Innovation Atlas February 2018
Feb 22, 2018
Safetipin is a mobile app that college students swear by
Nov 14, 2017
This app is like the Pinterest of personal safety apps - apart from GPS tracking and alarm features, the user community
Dec 16, 2014