Focus Areas

Gender-responsive assessment frameworks

Despite constituting half the population, women often face challenges in equal participation across various aspects of city life.

Safetipin’s work over the past decade has focused on designing and planning safer and more inclusive spaces, with a focus on mobility for women, using a data-driven approach. This approach has generated robust datasets that have resulted in interventions in cities across India and other cities in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. The She Rises framework addresses a range of city life dimensions from the women’s perspective.

Youth-friendly cities

The lives of young people, especially young women in cities are restricted by socio-cultural norms as well as poor provision of infrastructure and services. This affects their right to the city, access to opportunities, and eventually their well-being. Safetipin aims to address the well-being, safety, and inclusion of youth in city planning and development to enhance their right to the city. With a multi-pronged approach to using data and technologies for evidence generation and perception mapping of young people based on their experiences through human-centered research design, Safetipin aims to strengthen youth-led active citizenship models to ensure the rights and entitlements of young people in the city.

Safe and Sustainable Mobility

A woman’s societal and economic role is intricately tied to her freedom of movement. Unfortunately, transport planners often overlook the lasting impacts of restricting this freedom due to a lack of data on women’s experiences. Safetipin addresses this gap by focusing on safe and sustainable mobility.

Our work aims to reshape transport systems, vehicles, and timetables to be inclusive, preventing women from being pushed out of education, the workplace, and public spaces.

Safe and Inclusive Public Spaces

Safetipin believes that a city free from violence against women is a city safe for everyone. Rooted in feminist principles of inclusion, participation, and social justice, our focus on creating vibrant, secure urban spaces reflects our commitment to fostering safer, more equitable environments for all.


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