Data For Change

Feminist tool:

The My Safetipin application is a diagnostic tool, empowering women and other users of public space to be the experts of their own space.

On-ground Intervention:

In Delhi, a dark spot map was prepared visualising the absence of street lighting

in the capital which led to street lighting upgradation in the city.

Data Integration:

The collected data has been integrated into the Delhi Government’s GeoSpatial (GSDL) database and Pune data in Indian Urban Data Exchange (IUDX) platform making it accessible among various urban departments.

Policy Framework:

Safetipin’s latest knowledge document She RISES proposes a framework advocating for transformative changes in the city to acknowledge and support the economy of care.

Urban Planning and Design

For James Long Sarani Street in Kolkata, Safetipin’s data was used to identify the various challenges for different user groups and a street design scheme was done for the Kolkata Municipal Corporation.

Research Studies

Imperial College London did an analysis of areas around the Metro Station in Delhi to argue how metro stations help enhance safety within a 500m radius.

Community Engagement

Open Space Audit Mapping (OSAM) is a tool where communities map their neighbourhood using the My Safetipin app in groups.

Awareness Campaigns

A campaign titled “Why are you Staring” was organised to raise awareness about the issue of street harassment and encourage bystander intervention.

Artistic Expression

An exhibition named Aana Jana (Coming & Going) was held in partnership with King’s College London, showcasing the challenges women and girls face while navigating the city’s physical and digital spaces.


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