Our Services

Safetipin works to make communities and cities safer by providing information and data collected through our different technology tools and apps. We collect and analyse data on several parameters that impact safety and play a role in creating inclusive spaces for a diverse set of people, with a focus on vulnerable groups, specially women.


We have data in over 50 cities in India and globally. We work with city and municipal governments, UN, NGO’s and other stakeholders to map cities and provide recommendations for improvement.

Capacity development:

Capacity Development (1)

We offer workshops and courses for various city government stakeholders that focus on gender and inclusion in urban spaces. These sessions help identify key challenges and concerns of different members of the society, emphasizing the importance of creating cities where everyone can thrive equally.

Community Engagement:

Community Engagement (1)

We partner with local NGOs and community organizations to target areas where girls and women may face safety and inclusion challenges. These groups help us train girls and women in safety auditing and advocacy. Audits are then conducted by community members and students, with the data shared with urban authorities. This diverse collaboration aims to create sustainable change and foster safer, more inclusive public spaces for girls and women.

Evidence Building:

Evidence Building (1)

We use mobile apps like My Safetipin, Safetipin Nite, and Safetipin Site to gather data.The information is then used to generate a safety score. This data is shared with various partners, including the government and NGOs, and can be accessed on the My Safetipin app. It serves as a guide for urban planners and policymakers to focus on areas that require improvement, be it in transportation, street design, or public spaces.

Knowledge and Innovation:

Knowledge & Innovation (1)

Our research includes safety, accessibility, and inclusion for girls and women in urban areas, shedding light on their unique challenges. Our findings are then shared with urban stakeholders to help them construct cities that are gender-responsive, secure, and fair.

Open Data:

Open Data Platform (1)

Our data seamlessly integrates into city platforms, providing easy access for officials. This enables the identification of concern areas and interventions. The integration also supports robust data analysis, revealing patterns and relationships when combined with other datasets.

Technical Assistance:

Technical Assistance (1)

We transform data into visual maps, a powerful tool for informed decision-making and advocacy. These visuals raise awareness about safety concerns and contribute to city rankings, pinpointing areas for improvement. This data-driven approach provides crucial insights for policymakers to prioritize safety initiatives effectively.


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