My Safetipin App

My Safetipin:
Your Safety Companion

Exploring a new city, trying to enjoy an evening stroll or heading home after a long day! Meet your trusted safety companion  – My Safetipin. With this app, you can navigate or find support in new neighbourhoods and cities. Discover safer routes for your journey, nearby safe public spaces or let your friends and family track your location in times of need. The safety app also shows the safety score of an area based on the safety ratings. You can contribute by rating the safety parameters at a public space, and become a safety champion for your city!


Send tracking requests to loved ones who can see your location. Receive notifications for unsafe areas, prolonged stops, or route changes. Take control of when you want to be tracked or not.

Explore Nearby: 

Stay safe while waiting for a cab or pickup with Nearby Feature. Find nearby bus stops, hospitals, markets, and more to wait in peace.

Safest Route:

Get the safest route (based on audits’ data) between two places. Choose from multiple options that work for you.

Find Support:

Use the Find Support feature to locate verified centres for assistance, including police stations, women’s shelter homes, NGOs, legal centres, and more.

Quick Audit:

Upload an image of a public space and get the audit scores. Add street images and share your experience to help us improve.

Safety Audit: Rate a public space to assess its safety parameters and list the safety issues. The goal of a safety audit is to identify areas to be improved and made safer for all.


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