My Safetipin


My Safetipin is a personal safety app that helps you make safer decisions about your mobility, based on the safety score of an area. The app is free for all and uses crowd-sourcing to collect data. At the core of the app, we have the Safety Audit which is a tool to analyse a given area based on the physical and social infrastructure parameters. A user can contribute to a better understanding of their city by doing a Safety Audit through the app.




There are 9 parameters and based on the ratings given to these parameters, a safety score is created. The parameters which are a part of the audit are:


Lighting – Availability of enough light to see all around you

Openness – Ability to see and move in all directions

Visibility – Vendors, shops, building entrances, windows and balconies from where you can be seen

People – Number of people around you

Security – Presence of police or security guards

Walk Path – Either a pavement or road with space to walk

Public Transport – Availability of public transport like metro, buses, autos, rickshaws

Gender Usage – Presence of women and children near you

Feeling – How safe do you feel


The My Safetipin app has many other features too.



Safetipin Nite is an app that is used to collect photographs in the night-time. This is done by mounting the phone with the app on it on the screen of a moving vehicle. The app is not available on the Play Store or the App Store. We provide the APK to our partners that can be used by the drivers who will be navigating the area. As the drivers drives around an area, the app automatically clicks photos every 30 metres. These photographs are then uploaded and analysed by our team based on the 8 audit parameters as well as various sub-parameters. The data collected by the Safetipin Nite app supplements the crowdsourced data that we get through the My Safetipin app and it provides and enhances the data coverage we have in a city.

Download the app here: