Stay with me!

Stay with me!

Zing..Zing…I groggily get up. Take a shower and head to work. I toil there for hours and proceed back home. The street from the station to my house has four or five people on the way back. Clutching to my bag tightly, I walk in a brisk pace dearly wishing that my senses are working at double their capacity and I stay more alert than the most people. I breathe a sigh of relief after reaching home. 
Sounds familiar?

Like many other working women, my lifestyle and work involves me to travel alone to remote places, sometimes at night. “If I could just reach home safely”, a thought that runs through my mind is common to any woman commuting alone at night. At times like these, how does a woman ensure her own safety? 
“Stay with me” a feature of my SafetiPin app works as a GPS tracker and allow you to be tracked by family or friends. This locator app turned out to be a big help for calming down my mother’s nerves. With this, even she, who finds it rather difficult to work her way through her new smartphone, can track my whereabouts using track mode. This works as a family locator as well.
With the media around us screaming with headlines everyday about mishaps with women across the country, worries of mothers like mine are not completely unwarranted. An abusive driver in your preferred taxi service or the bus that seems too empty to feel safe. An auto rickshaw driver who seems too drunk to drive or no auto in sight at all are sights that girls like you and I are not new to.
This is when SafetiPin app comes in handy. The main feature of the app is that it uses your GPS location to give an alert notification whenever you are in an unsafe locality. The “Stay with me” feature allows chosen set of contacts to track you in such a situation.

There are times when my work leads me to survey slums located in outskirts of the city. In an unfamiliar place, you depend on auto driver and google maps to navigate you to your home. But how can one be sure of the route?

“Safest Route” another important feature of the app ensures just that. SafetiPin maps a large percentage of roads in a city and uses this data to provide you within formation about the safest route possible. It uses the Google alternate routes and then provides a score for each route and identifies the safest one.
I have always believed that you are responsible for your own safety. We have to stay on guard and alert of our surroundings. I remember my mother telling me “It’s always better to be safe than sorry”. As much it’s a sad reality, we must fight our way forward in this world. And, it never hurts to have an app that works as protective friend, we all know we need one.

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