GUWAHATI CITY A Safety Analysis Report


Safetipin is a map-based mobile phone and online application, which works to make communities and cities safer by providing safety-related information collected by users and by trained auditors. At the core of the app is the Safety Audit. A Safety Audit is a participatory tool for collecting and assessing information about perceptions of urban safety in public spaces. The audit is based on nine parameters –

The audit is based on nine parameters – Lighting, Openness, Visibility, Crowd, Security, Walk path, Availability of Public Transport, Gender
Diversity and Feeling. The safety audits were generated using two Safetipin apps i.e. My SafetiPin and Safetipin Nite. The assessment was done post sunset till 10 pm.

A total of 4422 audits has been generated over 330 km of road length. Overall, the Safety Score for Guwahati is rated 2.5/5 i.e. Fair.


Parameter Ratings:

Each of the nine parameters is rated 0/1/2/3, 0 being the poorest and 3 good. The average parameter rating graph indicates the overall average rating for each parameter. Openness parameter has been rated the highest followed by Walk path, Lighting, and Visibility. Security and Gender Usage are the least rated parameter i.e. Poor. The overall feeling of Safety for the city of Guwahati is rated Below Average.


Parameter-wise Pin Distribution:

The Parameter wise pin distribution graph indicates the number of points rated 0/1/2/3 i.e. the good points as positive and poor ratings as negative. The parameter of Security, Gender Usage, Public Transport, and Crowd have been rated poorly for the most parts of the city. Visibility and Lighting need to be improved in some parts of the city.


Gap Impact Analysis:

All parameters do not have an equal impact on the perception of safety. It is, therefore, useful to know how an improvement in each parameter will impact the Safety Score of the area. The Impact Bar shown indicates the extent of influence and the relative impact that each parameter has on the perception of safety. The combined length indicates the impact potential of the parameter. The parameters with the maximum combined length have the highest impact on the perception of safety and vice versa i.e. Lighting has the maximum impact and Transportation the least. The positive length (in green) indicates the extent of a provision that has already been made on the ground. The negative length (in red) indicates the (remaining) amount of improvement needed to increase the Safety Score. Since, increase in Crowd and Gender Usage is dependent on other parameters, improving Visibility and Security on the streets of Guwahati will result in safer public spaces.


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