Jakarta City A Safety Analysis


SafetiPin is a map-based mobile phone and online application, which works to make communities and cities safer by providing safety-related information collected by users and by trained auditors. At the core of the app is the Women’s Safety Audit. A Women’s Safety Audit (WSA) is a participatory tool for collecting and assessing information about perceptions of urban safety in public spaces.

The audit is based on nine parameters – Lighting, Openness, Visibility, Crowd, Security, Walk path, Availability of Public Transport,
Gender Diversity and Feeling. Safetipin, in collaboration with Pulih organization and UN Women, conducted safety audits in Jakarta, Indonesia. The audits were conducted post sunset along the major routes of the city.

A total of 2095 safety audits has been generated. Of this 442 audits were conducted by volunteers using the My Safetipin app. Overall, the Safety Score for Jakarta is rated 2.5/5 i.e. Fair.



Safety Score


Safety Audits in Jakarta indicate that out of the 442 location points audited, 13% of audit locations have been given a Safety Score less than 1 (out of 5). 11% of audit points have scores in the range of 1.0-1.9 while 14% locations score between 2.0-2.9. 12% of locations have a Safety Score between 3.0-3.9 and 50% of location score 4.0 and above.


However, when we look at the parameters separately, most of them are rated average. Of the nine parameters, only two parameters namely Lighting and Openness have been rated Above Average. Walk path is rated Average while all the other parameters are below average.


As seen in the pictures below, hawkers provide eyes on the street thus acting as natural surveillance (Pic 1). However, pedestrians are not seen using these stretches at night, therefore Crowd and Gender Usage is rated the lowest (Pic 2 and 3). Overall, Feeling of safety has been rated as Below Average.


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