Gurgaon Safety Analysis Report By Safetipin


SafetiPin is a map-based mobile phone and online application, which works to make communities and cities safer by providing safety-related information collected by users and by trained auditors. At the core of the app is the Women’s Safety Audit. A Women’s Safety Audit (WSA) is a participatory tool for collecting and assessing information about perceptions of urban safety in public spaces. 

The audit is based on nine parameters – Lighting, Openness, Visibility, Crowd, Security, Walk path, Availability of Public Transport, Gender Diversity, and Feeling. Safetipin has been conducting safety audits of Gurgaon since August 2013 and a total of 7195 audits have been done.


The Safety Score along this stretch is 2.4/5.

37% of the city has been rated as safe while 20% was audited to offer average levels of safety and 42% of the city has been rated poorly. Walk path, Openness and Feeling parameters have been rated Average for Gurgaon. All other parameters have
been rated as Below Average or Poor.

Lighting has been rated Below Average. While streetlights have been installed along most of the roads, many road stretches were found to be poorly lit on account of no or un-operational streetlights. Along with some stretches, the streetlights have been installed only on one side of the road. 

This results in a poorly lit footpath on the other side. Regular maintenance checks need to be carried out to ensure that the streetlights are operational post sunset. Along roads where currently no streetlights have been installed, pedestrian-scale street lights should be installed along the footpath. Along with some stretches of the Golf Course Road, the LED streetlights do not offer sufficient levels of illumination. The lux level in such cases needs to be increased.

The Public Transport parameter has been rated well along the metro corridor and along markets and outside the entrances of housing societies. However, most of the city does not have any form of public transportation facility resulting in a poor rating for this parameter. The limited bus and metro network caters to a very small area of the city.

Paratransit facilities too are limited and in the absence of proper metering of fares, these are not a favored option. Also, there are no para-transit stands from where these facilities can be availed.

A proper bus service needs to be put in place and bus stops are constructed at least along the main arterial and sub-arterial roads. These bus stops should also have para-transit stands to provide proper last mile connectivity. Para-transit stands should be created at regular intervals. Both-these stands and the bus stops should have public toilets.


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