Donors and Strategic partners

We are fortunate to have the support of a wide range of donor and partner organisations who are interested in promoting the safety of women and others, and making cities smarter and more inclusive.

We have had a long standing partnership with UK Aid who have supported the development of SafetiPin right from a very early stage of the development of the app. This support has helped us collect data in Delhi and other cities in India. Ford Foundation and The Asia Foundation have also supported our efforts to engage more people and communities to use SafetiPin and conduct safety audits around 9 cities in the country.

Packard Foundation supported us to develop SafetiPin Nite, the app that allows us to collect data using camera phones in moving vehicles at night. Using this technology, we now have support from Cities Alliance to pilot this in three cities globally - Delhi, Bogota and Nairobi.

Our global partnership with the UN Habitat Safe City Program provides us the necessary technical support to work with governments and their various programs in different cities. Currently we have forged partnerships with the Municipal Secretary of Bogota and City County of Nairobi to collect and use data.

Further we have a global partnership with Uber, that allows us to collect data very efficiently and the opportunity to expand to more cities around the world.

UN Women Jakarta has been our partner in translating the app into Bahasa language and forging a partnership with the Governor's office in Jakarta for the use of Safetipin within their local Smart city platform.

We work with NGO's in cities to set up 'Safety Centres' in low income neighborhoods. Jagori, a women's resource centre in Delhi, has been a key partner of SafetiPin in setting up Safety Centres in low income neighborhoods where they work.

We are seeking donors and partners who are interested in promoting safer and smarter cities in developing countries around the world.