7 Essential items while Travelling!


Travelling is like romance, being a travel freak is the absolute best! Also for good selfie and with summer breeze should look in real without editing. While traveling some items are really need to be on your checklist.Well, if you’re planning a trip in the near future then we’ve got you covered. Here you go for 7 items you must have while traveling!


1-Travel Size Perfumes – The heat is on, ladies, and to feel fresh and cool at all times, all of us have our tank tops and sundresses ready to go. Another way to stay fresh through a hot summer day is by keeping handy some amazing travel-size perfumes. Go ahead and smell good.


2-Must Need Apps- Not every journey happens with someone else accompanying you! So you need to know exactly what’s happening around you – whether it’s the route you’re taking, or what your travel options are – and how to be safe and secure at all times! whether you’re a tourist or have just moved cities. SafetiPin provides you with a map-based view of a locality, a city or the world – along with its safety score. The idea is to get to know a place better to stay safe! An area that has been marked potentially unsafe will show up with a red sign on your app.Some Like Ola/Uber and Redbus which help you to book your seat and ditch the rush.


3-Money Belt: You need to be more aware of your traveling, there are so many cases where travelers lost their belonging. After seeing some wear hidden money belts that were so bulky and obvious, I never thought I’d own one. But they are worth the penny.


4-Eye Mask and Ear Plug – People do sleep on planes. Or try to relax while traveling. Sometimes, though, I need a little help. In my experience, nothing works better than an old-fashioned eye mask and foam ear plugs. Look stylish even when you try to sleep. 


5-Keep Wipes In Your Bag- Using a wet wipe is always a good aadat, You will be thanking us for this one! Even when you by chance Smudged your eyeliner, want to clean and freshen up? Done. Keep these close, and you are half sorted. Wet Wipe tissues are always a good to go and must be in your bag.


6-No Foundation – If you’re traveling, especially long hours, your foundation will dry up and eventually begin to crack or look uneven. If you want coverage, use the light and handy BB cream – with SPF 30. The product acts as a moisturizer, foundation, concealer, and sunscreen all rolled into one! And given the fact that you’re on the go, what better than to have this all-in-one.


7-Hand Sanitizer Closer - You are bound to pick up germs here and there while on you’re traveling or on your vacay. And since we just can’t seem to keep our hands off our faces, keeping our hand sanitizer ready is a must! After all, you don’t want your skin breaking out and those pimples ruining your lovely holiday pictures. Article Source.......India fashion blogger


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