Read how Safetipin can Empower, Enable and Engage you in Making your City Safer


There’s now an app that can measure how safe an area is, based on crowdsourced data.
Kalpana Vishwanath and Ashish Basu are the co-founders of Safetipin, an app they created with the intention of making public spaces safer for women.

First created and launched in India, the idea took its origin from the fear that women and girls experience before traveling to or through certain areas which were known to be unsafe.

In India, the debate on sexual violence and how to curb it rages on. Recent years have seen governments pass stricter, more stringent laws and increase security forces, and even pass a law making it compulsory for public buses to install a panic button.


Safetipin crowdsources information based on nine factors in order to measure how safe the area in question is. These factors are lighting, openness, visibility, people density, security, walk path, transportation in the area, gender, and feeling.


In partnership with Uber, Safetipin is planning to expand to 50 cities across Africa, Asia, and South America.

These safety scores are useful to the police and other law enforcement agencies in determining whether security in the locality needs to be upped. They can help the police make unsafe areas safer, fix broken amenities, and repair roads.

The scores also have the potential of determining the real estate value of the area, as well as increasing or decreasing the business of hotels and restaurants.

The co-founders of the app aim to empower its users with knowledge that can enable them to make informed decisions and get from A to B safely.

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