This app is like the Pinterest of personal safety apps


In a article published by The Huffington Post , Safetipin has been mentioned as one of the most relevant Safety Apps . This was in reference to a article "7 Apps And Devices That Help Indian Women Be Safer".

Further author  elaborated that "there are literally dozens of apps out there released after the Nirybhaya rape incident in 2012, but many of them haven’t seen an update for over a year. To keep this roundup relevant, we’ve narrowed it down to apps that have been updated in the last 3 months"

The author narrowed down 6 other apps along with Safetipin among the most relevant Safety apps that helps Indian Women be Safer. For Safetipin here is what author has to say

"This app is like the Pinterest of personal safety apps - apart from GPS tracking and alarm features, the user community updates and informs you on how safe an area is. The directory option helps you find emergency location numbers."