SafetiPin is a map-based mobile phone application, which works to make our communities and cities safer by providing safety-related information collected through crowdsourcing or Safetipin Nite application.  SafetiPin provides information about infrastructure to promote safety for women and other groups, to citizens at large and important stakeholders including the government, NGO’s, corporations and RWAs. We have introduced features like Stay with Me to help our users to be tracked by their loved ones, and Safest Route to provide the best possible route in terms of safety.

After downloading the mobile safety app, you will see a ‘Welcome’ window with two options - Login and Later. Press Login and go to Register option. Feed the information on Registration page and press Submit. You will receive an automated email on the email address provided by you. Click on the link provided in the email to confirm your registration.


SafetiPin mobile safety app is available on Apple app store and Google Play store. It is free for all users. Here are the links.
Google Play Store
Apple Store

Safety score is all about information on personal vulnerability to crime in every pocket of your city, along with infrastructure and basic amenities available in a place. At the core of the safety app is the Safety Audit. Safety Audits are conducted on the basis of a set of 9 parameters that together contribute to the perception of safety:










Each audit results in a pin on the specific location where the audit was performed and also records the time and date for your reference. 

If you are moving into a new locality or simply visiting a new place, its better you know what's the safety score of that locality or place, vis-a-vis that of the other places. 


SafetiPin does not monitor the emergency button. When you press the emergency button, the contact(s) you save to reach out to in an emergency situation will receive a message and email.


SafetiPin has tracking feature that allows you to track the location of other SafetiPin users. It works only when you have the permission of the SafetiPin user to track them. Once the tracking feature is on, you can see the location and movement for the selected user.


Yes, deselecting the ‘Track Me’ option can turn off the location tracking.


SafetiPin app works on iPhones and all Android phones.


The app will work anywhere provided there is Internet connection.


If the app screen is hanged, close the app and restart again. If you still face problems, report on info@safetipin.com


The app will work in any Smartphone. You can use your previous user id and password to operate the SafetiPin account from any Smartphone that has SafetiPin app.


SafetiPin is not like other emergency apps. The thought behind building SafetiPin is to prevent an unsafe situation by providing safety-related information to the users. The app can be used to: 

  1. Avoid unsafe and dark areas

  2. Track the location of their loved ones,

  3. Find emergency numbers in the directory

  4. Locate the nearest medical stores, police station, hospital, auto stands and other shops and the shortest route to reach there.

  5. Send alerts to family and friends in times of emergency. 


You cannot upload the pictures on audit, hazard, harassment or feeling once the post has been submitted. 


After you finish auditing a place on all the given parameters click on ‘Pin’ button given below the 9 parameters. The pin will automatically appear on your current location on the map. 


If you have submitted an incorrect post or have posted by mistake, go to My Wall in the MENU and press the Delete option under the post.  This will erase the pin from SafetiPin map.


For the nearest police station or medical facility, go to Locate in the Menu and choose location from the dropdown menu. This will show you a list of selected places that are nearest to your current location. On pressing one of the options from the list, you can also find the shortest route to reach there.


There is a possibility that if the GPS reception of the phone is lost, the track feature will not cover the movements of the person you are tracking. However, once the GPS reception is back on, the tracker resumes mapping the movement.


If you pressed the emergency button by mistake, you have a 3 seconds window to cancel sending out emergency messages and emails.


SafetiPin accounts works in similar fashion as any other online account. If you need to switch accounts on SafetiPin or maintain privacy while sharing your phone/ tablet with others, it is recommended that you logout of your account.


On pressing the ‘Stop Tracking’ feature, you cannot track the person anymore. To be able to track that person again, you will have to ask him/her to go to account settings and tick the ‘T’ button against your name.


While posting a safety audit, if you wish to change the location of the post, walk to that particular point and press Repin. This will change the location of your pin on the map.


To post an audit successfully, it is necessary that you fill all the options.


Yes, you can audit a place that already has an audit pin. However, it is best that you audit at a different time than the previous audit.