The Must-Know Apps That Will Make Any Woman Feel Safer

Wed, 22 Jun, 2016

Before going off to travel, live, or work on their own, girls are often taught seemingly simple (yet often inconvenient) rules like "always travel in pairs (or groups)." Over time, similar societal rules become embedded in their daily lives and actually become instinctual — it's no coincidence why women still accompany one another to the bathroom.


"If you're a woman or belong to a minority group — black, gay, Latino, Muslim, trans — there's often no space for you within the so-called sharing economy," Sirin Kale writes in a Broadly article describing a world where "sharing" cars and homes has become commonplace. "Get in an Uber (or dare to drive one) and you may well be sexually harassed. Think it's safer to travel in numbers? Not if you're assaulted in an UberPool. Airbnb users have been raped and held against their will. Invite a Handy cleaner into your home and you may end up being extorted."

Regardless of who you are, safety is never something we can take for granted. And there is hope! Along with all the other advancements in technology come innovations in safety and app stores do not fall short of options.

Click through the gallery above to learn about some of the best apps with safety features that will help you, your friends, and your family travel more safely. article source...makers


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