Using Safetipin for Safer Commute

Mon, 13 Jun, 2016
By Kriti Agarwal


Safety is an important aspect determining ones’ mobility, especially at night.  The lack of safe public transportation facilities and poor last mile connectivity restricts the mobility of women.   Working women and university students who are required to commute even after it gets dark are affected the most.  With the city growing in all directions, long commutes are becoming more common.Many people, including women, are dependent on public transport and the case of the stalking and abduction of Snapdeal employee, DiptiSarna best brought the issue of the challenges women face daily due to lack of proper last mile connectivity to light. Safetipin, a safety app,is used to collect data on the perception of safety across various locations in many cities. 

The perception of safety is measured based on nine parameters- lighting, openness, visibility, crowd, security, walk path, public transport, gender diversity, and feeling.  Each parameter is rated from 0 to 3, 0 being poor and 3 being good.  The public transport parameter specifically measures the availability of any mode of public transport - metro/bus/auto/shared auto/cycle rickshaw etc. based on their distance from the audit location.  A location point having public transport available within 2minutes walking distance i.e. within 50m is rated good.  A location where no public transport is available within 10mins walking distance i.e. up to 400m is rated as 0.  The average rating of public transport in Delhi is 1.3/3 and the overall Safety Score of Delhi is 2.45/5 i.e. fair. 

TheSafetipin data around various metro stations, bus stops and bus terminals has been analyzed and shared with the concerned authorities.  Metro stations along the yellow line have been audited for safety concerns covering an area of 500m radius around the station.  Similarly, for bus stops an area of 100m radius around the bus stop was audited.  Six bus terminals were audited along with an area of 30m around each.  Lighting, Visibility, Security and lack of para transit facilities have been found to be the major issues around these modes of transport.  Improving these will make the area safer thereby encouraging women to feel safe using public transport. 

While this safety data is for the use of the government and municipalities for on-ground infrastructure up gradation, the data has been integrated into our app My Safetipin, to be able to help the end-user have a safe commute.  The app provides the Safety Score as you move through the city. This safety information is integrated with Google’s traffic data allowing one to make an informed decision based on traffic, distance as well as safety. Further, the app also provides alerts to the user when she enters an unsafe area.

My Safetipin is a tool to ensure one’s safety while traveling.  However, the need to ensure safe last mile connectivity cannot be undermined especially in the wake of the Delhi government’s efforts to reduce vehicular congestion on roads and expand the public transportation network.  Safetipin data is a key to ensuring safer commute using public transport. 

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