Delhi Dark Spots

Tue, 05 Jan, 2016
By Kriti Agarwal

Safety Audits have been conducted in the city of Delhi since September 2013. This was done using the Safetipin App which measures the safety based on nine parameters – Lighting, Openness, Visibility, Crowd, Security, Walk Path, Public Transport, Gender Diversity and Feeling.

Lighting is one of the most important parameters determining the level of safety offered. Dark unlit areas are attractive zones for the crime. As a step towards making our city safe, the dark spots in Delhi were identified.
In the Safetipin App, the Lighting parameter is rated from 0-3 depending on the illumination level at the audit location. A rating of 0 indicates the absence of any light i.e. a Dark Spot. The reason for this can be either the bulb was not working, problem in the wiring, or absence of a light pole.

A total of 70934 audit pins were generated for Delhi. Of these, 6748 are dark spots.

The audits reveal that the north-west and southwest districts have the maximum number of dark spots with the central district having the least number.

The data on dark spots has been shared with the concerned agencies i.e. the Public Works Department, the Municipal Corporations and the Delhi Development Authority. Once the problem areas have been rectified fresh audits shall be done to assess the change in safety of the area.


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