Safety Analysis Of Delhi Bus Stops

Wed, 27 May, 2015

Mobility is a very important factor in safety. Bus stops are often one of few places that women can wait at. Research has shown that women wait at bus stops even if they are not waiting for a bus necessarily, as the bus stop is relatively a safer place and an acceptable place for women to be seen standing at.

Safetipin therefore embarked on an exercise of analysing how safe the bus stops in Delhi are. We have conducted over 12,000 safety audits across the city and we wanted to see the safety score of select bus stops. The safety audit is conducted using the Safetipin app and measuring the eight parameters of lighting, openness, visibility, crowd, gender diversity, security, state of the walk path and availability of public transport. In addition the safety audit also examines the feeling of safety in the area.

Safetipin has generated a safety score at 275 bus stops. These bus stops are located in all parts of the city - north, south, east , west and central. We calculated the safety score of a bus stop where there were at least three safety audits within a 100 metre radius.  Based on an average of the safety audits, a safety score is generated on a measure of 1 to 5, with 1 being the least safe to 5 being the safest.

 Of the 275 bus stops that we have data about, under 20% had a score of less than 2. 44% of the bus stops had an average safety score between 2 and 3.5 and approximately 35% had scores higher that 3.5. While extremely few bus stops had a score of 5, there were quite a few that had scores of 3 and 4 which are above average safety. On the whole, a majority of bus stops had fairly decent scores.

Bus Stop Safety Score

On other parameters, 40% of the 275 bus stops had poor lighting. This is an issue of concern as many women (and men) need to use bus stops in the evenings after dark and the lack of lighting makes it much more unsafe to use. From the graph below, we can see that the number of bus stops with scores under 1.5 is very high. Some bus stops have a score between 1.5 and 2 but few above 2.

In terms of the walk path, 20% were reported to be poor. This is a positive thing as approximately 80% of bus stops had good walk paths in this study. This reflects that the pavement in and around bus stops in several areas was quite good.

It is important to note that approximately 35% of the bus stops were rated as safe and another 37% were rated as unsafe by the auditors. A large number of bus stops were seen as having average feeling of safety. 


Of the bus stops that were rated safe, 49.5% are in South; 4% are in East;10.6% are in West;   12% are in North; and 22.4% are in Central Delhi.  Further our data showed that bus stops on Mahatma Gandhi road in West Delhi had the lowest safety scores. The maximum number of bus stops with a low score were located in west Delhi. Also the bus stops on the road on the airport road were also quite unsafe.

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