Call for Internships at Safetipin 2015

Mon, 11 May, 2015
By Rashee Mehra


SafetiPin is a map-based mobile phone application which works to make our communities and cities safer by providing safety-related information collected by users.

The organisation works to promote safety of women and has since its inception created a technology platform to address the urgent issue of safety in cities across the world.

Safetipin’s team has done ground breaking work in collecting large scale safety data from 12 cities in the world and have successfully used this data for advocacy. We work with the leading women’s oganisations in India and partner with them to bring change.

Purpose of Internships:

We encourage applicants from skilled and motivated young people to serve as interns at Safetipin. The purpose of the internship is to provide an opportunity for individuals to substantively contribute to and learn from our work in the area of women’s safety,

technology and urban planning. The intern will be given specific tasks and responsibilities and will be challenged to develop their capabilities and gain experience.

The intern is expected to be flexible and to take part in various activities at the office and sometimes in the field.


We expect applicants to have at least a first degree; and Masters degree students are encouraged. We are looking for interns who are committed, hard-working, positive, open-minded, reflective and willing to learn. At any one time we expect to host between

two to three interns. Internships are open to everyone. We will seek to find a balance by hosting people from

a diversity of interests, backgrounds and experiences.

Time Commitment:

Generally 1-2 months, to be mutually agreed


Internships are on a voluntary basis, and no payment is provided. In some cases, travel costs may be reimbursed. Shared office space will be provided in Gurgaon.

Application procedure:

Send a cover letter explaining your motivation and a description of what you hope to achieve during your internship at Safetipin. Specify your main skills and interests and relate them to our thematic areas of work. Also specify the requested internship period

/ dates.

Applications must be submitted via email to

Deadline for the submission of applications is 20 May 2015.

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