Personal Safety Awareness & Staying Safe

Wed, 24 Sep, 2014
By Admin

Personal Safety Awareness – Staying Safe

The key to personal safety is staying aware, and doing what we can to avoid potentially dangerous situations. There are instances when there is nothing we can do to prevent personal safety hazards and harassments, but every day we see people putting themselves in danger, which could be avoided by following a few simple tips. The following points give you insights to increase your awareness and stay safe.

1. When walking the streets at night

  • Stay aware of your surroundings, especially after sunset.
  • Avoid poorly-lit areas.
  • If possible plan to take someone with you; plan your route well in advance to know the “safe” places (24hr pharmacies, ATMs, police, hospital or transportation services). Check SafetiPin Locate feature to get a list of “safe” places around you.
  • Take your cell phone but don’t let it distract you. Avoid listening to music and observe your surroundings.
  • Stay Calm and be assertive – do not let anyone violate your space. Trust your instincts and act cautiously.

2. When you are taking out your own vehicle

  • Plan your route in advance. Know the “safe” places on your route.
  • Park your vehicle in a properly-lit and populated area.
  • Always lock your doors.

3. If someone makes you feel threatened on the street

  • Immediately walk into a crowd, and if required, ask passers-by if you can walk with them.
  • Immediately change your direction; walk into a store, restaurant, or any well-lit building or house.
  • Trust your instincts and keep your demeanor assertive.

4. If you are being assaulted

  • Remember, you may fancy a chance to be able to distract, scare, or even disable the attacker. Disable enough to escape!
  • Start screaming out Fire! Help!
  • Until and unless something very valuable is at stake, it is advisable not to resist—it's simply not worth the risk you take on your personal safety.

6. If assaulted or harassed, always report – both formally and with SafetiPin

  • Police will investigate your reported incident and will be able to identify a crime pattern, to be able to work to eradicate it.
  • Law Enforcement authorities will put out an alert to the residents.
  • SafetiPin data thus collected, and aggregated with professionally collected safety audit data, is used for advocacy and research. All this helps city authorities and public administration departments work on problem areas threatening personal safety of people. 

Always put Safety at the Top when going out. Especially when you’re going out at night. This could be for work, or for personal reasons. Remember to place your personal safety at the top, when going out and stay safe.

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