Are Indian cities any better off today for Women safety?

Wed, 17 Sep, 2014
By Admin

Are Indian cities any safer today for women than they were before the infamous 16th December incident in Delhi? How safe or unsafe Delhi's women and girls feel in the city's public spaces today? With SafetiPin safety audit data, if we go back to see what, if anything, has changed or improved in women's feeling about safety in public spaces, we find that things haven’t changed much.

What SafetiPin audit data reveals is really eye opening. These safety audits include feelings reported by men and women to share their personal safety experience. From the city streets to the city bus stops, to crowded local market places, women reported that they don't feel safe in public. It restricts the lifestyle of a woman to be in constant fear of some kind of personal safety hazard. It cannot be neglected as it has profound impact on a woman’s lifestyle. This includes daily routines and their emotional and physical health.

The new government has taken some important steps to deal with this problem of violence against women. But a lot is yet to be done to tackle this serious problem, affecting lifestyle of women in Indian cities.

But every cloud has a silver lining. SafetiPin is being used as an important tool for change. SafetiPin safety information is used by NGOs as a tool for advocacy. Public service providers (such as the PWDs) use the information to improve their level of service. SafetiPin ensures that the streets, bus stops and any other public spaces are safe and free from violence for all.

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