The most important factor that makes people feel safe!

Tue, 16 Sep, 2014
By Ashish Basu

The Safetipin audit system records 8 independent factors of safety, and one – ‘Feeling’ which captures the feeling of safety.  The audits are typically done after dark, since safety concerns are the most at that time.  Since audits take about a minute to complete, anyone doing an audit is experiencing the area as a person on foot would.

We considered more than 1500 audits done by a diverse group of people.  The results indicated a very high level of correlation between feelings and factors, and also highlighted some factors as those which contribute most to our feeling of safety.

Before we come to the most important factor, lets look at the three other elements that also contribute to the perception of safety.  These three elements together explains nearly 40% of what we feel.

  • Lighting.  How well lit is the area.
  • Nearness to public transport.   Could be buses, taxis, the metro or local transport such as autos.
  • Good walking paths.  The quality of the road or pavement that we are walking on.

There are also a few factors which do not seem to matter as much.  One of them is Security.  The data indicates that the presence or absence of police or private security, does not appear to impact how safe we do or do not feel.

And the biggest single contributor, contributing to more than 33% to perception is ‘Diversity’.  What makes us feel the safest is the presence of women and children nearby.  Not really surprising if you stop to think about it.  Even a bar with both men and women have a different feel from one with only men.

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