Award & Recognition

Safetipin selected as a Global Urban Innovator 2017 by Newcities Foundation


Global Urban Innovators is our community of trailblazing international urban tech companies. These startups and social enterprises creatively apply technology to tackle pressing urban challenges. We choose Innovators for their radically new approach to improving cities around the world.


Kalpana Viswanath, Co-Founder, Safetipin


Safetipin is a map-based mobile application that works to make cities safer, with a focus on women’s safety. The app collects and disseminates safety-related information to both users and city decision-makers on a large scale through crowdsourcing and geospatial analysis.


Dr. Kalpana Viswanath is the co-founder and CEO of Safetipin, which is a social enterprise using data and technology to support cities in their endeavour to become safer, more inclusive and smarter.  Since its inception in 2013, Safetipin has worked with more than 30 cities in India and other developing countries.  Safetipin collects public space data through multiple sources including the MySafetipin app, and works with governments, to use this data for better planning and maintenance of cities.

Earlier, Kalpana headed Jagori, a leading NGO working on women’s rights.  She has led large projects globally and has been a consultant for many agencies including Women in Cities International, Action Aid, Plan International, UN Women, andUN Habitat.  She has published widely in journals, magazines, and newspapers, and is frequently called upon as an expert on various TV channels.  She is on the board of several organizations including International Centre for the Prevention of Crime in Canada and Advisory Board of Women in Cities International. 


Devin de Vries, Co-Founder, WhereIsMyTransport

WhereIsMyTransport provides an open platform for integrated transport data that provides users, developers, and cities with a comprehensive look at formal and informally run public transportation options, particularly in emerging African cities.



Eyal Feder, Chief Executive Officer, ZenCity

An Artificial Intelligence-based analytics dashboard, ZenCity tracks social media, municipal platforms and 411 telephone lines to provide city governments with real-time, actionable insights about citizens and municipal services to improve citizen experience of the city.



Grégoire Landel, CEO, CityTaps

Leveraging the Internet of Things and smart water meters, CityTaps partners with local utility companies to guarantee water access to households, including the urban poor, allowing users to use mobile money to pre-pay for water and secure access directly in their home.



Teo Lee, Chief Executive Officer, Alt-A

Alt-A seeks to make spaces shared by human and vehicle traffic safer and smarter. Using 3D mapping, real-time data collection, and intelligent sensor technologies, their alert system increases safety for pedestrians and vehicles alike.



Eve Picker, Founder, Small Change

Small Change is a real estate equity crowdfunding portal to help fund transformational real estate projects, helping communities identify and deliver change-making, high-impact urban development.




Euwyn Poon, Co-founder, and President, Spin

Spin's mission is to help people move around cities. Their first product reimagines bike share - Spin's GPS-equipped smart bikes are unlocked via a mobile app and can be dropped off at any bike parking spot. By offering a convenient, affordable, and environmentally-friendly mode of transport, Spin aims to reduce congestion and improve last mile transportation in cities.


Victor Splittgerber, CTO, Green City Solutions

Green City Solutions are the creators of CityTree, combining a vertically installed moss culture with Internet of Things technology to address air pollution in cities. Each CityTree has the environmental equivalent of 275 urban trees, at a fraction of the space and maintenance costs.



Article Source........ Newcities Summit 2017