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Safetipin has been honoured as a Mobile World Changer


From green living and women’s safety to senior care and animal welfare, mobile innovation is making a global impact. At IBM, one of our core values is celebrating innovation that matters to the world. In that spirit, we’ve developed the Mobile World Changer series to honor organizations who are leveraging the power of mobile to better their communities worldwide.

This list spotlights mobile innovation around the world, but the heart of this effort goes beyond technology alone. The innovators on this list are being recognized for mobile innovations that improve, change and, in some cases, save lives. These organizations are being presented with a digital badge to celebrate their success in using mobile technology to fight for what the world needs most: unity, empowerment, positive change, and equality.

The following are our Mobile World Changers:


1.) Safetipin: Ensuring women’s safety in India

New Delhi, India has been described as one of the most dangerous and unsafe cities in the world, especially for women. Founded by Kalpana Viswanath and Ashish Basu, the mobile app Safetipin was designed to support safer cities. The app includes a robust personal safety tracker feature that lets users track a person who has turned on his or her “Track Me” button. Safetipin also uses mobile technology and crowdsourcing to inform local governments of the safety scores of certain neighborhoods. The Delhi government has announced plans to illuminate more than 7,000 dark spots across the capital as identified by Safetipin’s mobile solution.


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2.) Daystar University: Breaking education barriers in Africa

3.) United Way of Greater Austin: Closing the economic gap for low-income families

4.) Tapp Commerce: Democratizing commerce in emerging markets

5.) SimpleC: Fighting Alzheimer’s for aging Americans


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