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Safetipin Wins 2019 Lotus Leadership Awards Gala, organised by The Asia Foundation

The 2019 Lotus Leadership Awards Gala, organised by The Asia Foundation was held at the Mandarin Oriental, New York on 3rd April, 2019.. Safetipin was honoured with the Lotus Leadership Award, along with Christiane Amanpour. Christiane Amanpour was awarded for her extraordinary leadership in raising the voices and stories of women worldwide. Safetipin was awarded for harnessing the power of data and technology to make Asian cities safer for women. Both our founders, Kalpana Viswanath and Ashish Basu attended the event.  

Safetipin Wins Womanity Award 2018: Safer urban environments for women

A GROUND-BREAKING WOMEN’S SAFETY APP PARTNERSHIP HAS WON THE GLOBAL WOMANITY AWARD 2018 AT TECH4DEV UNESCO CONFERENCE, LAUSANNE   SafetiPin and Soul City Institute, two women’s rights organisations who will together launch a suite of safety apps for women in South African cities has won the Womanity Award 2018.   The SafetiPin apps use live video footage filmed by Uber taxis and crowdsourced data from women and volunteers to show safest areas of cities for women.   The Apps are currently being used by over 100,000 people, mostly in India (yesterday announced as the most dangerous country in the world for women by the Thomson Reuters Foundation) with widespread success. In Delhi, seven different government departments have used the apps’ data to make urban areas safer for women.   HOW DO THE SAFETIPIN APPS WORK?   The flagship app – My SafetiPin – places red, orange and green pins on virtual city maps indicating which areas are the safest/ least dangerous for women.   Factors assessed include lighting, quality of walk/ cycle paths, gender balance in the streets and general feeling of safety on streets and on public transport.   Safety information is fed into the app from women’s own experiences, focus groups with young women, volunteer research and live video footage filmed by Uber taxis moving around cities. “The title of this year’s Womanity Award: ‘Creating Safer Urban Environments for Women’, is very timely. In the last year, a growing number of women have taken to social media to reveal the true extent of the abuse and threats they face daily in their cities.   “With more people living in cities than ever before and the trend set to continue, this situation is highly concerning. Presently, women and girls find themselves avoiding multiple areas around their hometowns, or not wanting to go out after dusk. It means they cannot participate fully in life, work, education or social time and are severely restricted from living a fulfilling life. This is the reason for our theme this year.”   THE PROBLEM OF VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN IN SOUTH AFRICA     South Africa has a femicide rate five times the global average (Statistics SA, 2016). One of the duo’s first tasks will be trying to make public minivan taxis safer for women in South Africa. They are widely used by women because alternatives are limited, but are known for being highly unsafe. Last year, concern and terror among users of the vans escalated to a disturbing new level when a woman passenger was abducted in Johannesburg and raped in a taxi in front of her 10-year-old son.     Read Complete Article From Here  

Safetipin wins Dubai International Award for Best Practices to Improve the Living Environment

UN-Habitat and Dubai Municipality are pleased to jointly announce the winners of the 2017 edition of the Dubai International Award for Best Practices. The Award recognizes outstanding initiatives that are making valuable contribution to sustainable urban development along the priority areas of the New Urban Agenda. There are a total of 10 winners in 5 categories. Through a long-standing and successful partnership, the Award is completing its 11th cycle. A total of 524 entries from 89 countries were received for the Award in 2017. This represents an increase of 56 per cent compared to the number of applications for the last round of the Award in 2014. The winning initiatives of the 11th cycle of the Dubai International Award for Best Practices are as follows: Best Practice Award for National Urban Policies             We are Medina Learning from Jnane Aztout – Morocco 2. Best Practice Award for Participatory Slum Upgrading            Empower, an Integrated Development Approach to Informal Settlement Upgrading – Switzerland 3. Best Practice Transfer Award in Local Implementation – Urban redevelopment, and redesign of urban spaces           Courtyard System for Management of Public Spaces – Kenya. 4. Best Practice Transfer Award in Monitoring Mechanisms for the New Urban Agenda and the Urban SDGs           Monitoring urban prosperity and sustainability in 153 municipalities in Mexico – Mexico 5. Private Sector Award for contribution to territorial planning, urban planning and design           Using Safetipin to Build Safer and Inclusive Public spaces – India           Three Public Spaces to enhance community resilience – Haiti 6. Personal Award – for contribution to urban economy and municipal finance           Clean City by Green Economy – Kenya          Mr. Sam Ngumba             Kappo – Cyclists Analytics for Smart Cities – Chile, Mr. Ivan Paez 7. University Research Award on Legislation, Rules, Regulations & Governance Systems         Reforming Urban Laws in Africa: A practical guide – South Africa         Making land-use climate-sensitive: A project to increase resilience of cities against floods by integrating climate change into land-use planning – Philippines   The winners represent different sectors in national and regional governments; local authorities and their associations; non-governmental organizations; community-based organizations; research and academic institutions; public and private foundations; and individuals. The Award winners will be invited to an Award Ceremony event hosted by Dubai Municipality in Dubai to celebrate and share their lesson and successes with a wider audience.  

Safetipin selected as a Global Urban Innovator 2017 by Newcities Foundation

Global Urban Innovators is our community of trailblazing international urban tech companies. These startups and social enterprises creatively apply technology to tackle pressing urban challenges. We choose Innovators for their radically new approach to improving cities around the world.   Kalpana Viswanath, Co-Founder, Safetipin   Safetipin is a map-based mobile application that works to make cities safer, with a focus on women’s safety. The app collects and disseminates safety-related information to both users and city decision-makers on a large scale through crowdsourcing and geospatial analysis.   Dr. Kalpana Viswanath is the co-founder and CEO of Safetipin, which is a social enterprise using data and technology to support cities in their endeavour to become safer, more inclusive and smarter.  Since its inception in 2013, Safetipin has worked with more than 30 cities in India and other developing countries.  Safetipin collects public space data through multiple sources including the MySafetipin app, and works with governments, to use this data for better planning and maintenance of cities. Earlier, Kalpana headed Jagori, a leading NGO working on women’s rights.  She has led large projects globally and has been a consultant for many agencies including Women in Cities International, Action Aid, Plan International, UN Women, andUN Habitat.  She has published widely in journals, magazines, and newspapers, and is frequently called upon as an expert on various TV channels.  She is on the board of several organizations including International Centre for the Prevention of Crime in Canada and Advisory Board of Women in Cities International.    Devin de Vries, Co-Founder, WhereIsMyTransport WhereIsMyTransport provides an open platform for integrated transport data that provides users, developers, and cities with a comprehensive look at formal and informally run public transportation options, particularly in emerging African cities.     Eyal Feder, Chief Executive Officer, ZenCity An Artificial Intelligence-based analytics dashboard, ZenCity tracks social media, municipal platforms and 411 telephone lines to provide city governments with real-time, actionable insights about citizens and municipal services to improve citizen experience of the city.     Grégoire Landel, CEO, CityTaps Leveraging the Internet of Things and smart water meters, CityTaps partners with local utility companies to guarantee water access to households, including the urban poor, allowing users to use mobile money to pre-pay for water and secure access directly in their home.     Teo Lee, Chief Executive Officer, Alt-A Alt-A seeks to make spaces shared by human and vehicle traffic safer and smarter. Using 3D mapping, real-time data collection, and intelligent sensor technologies, their alert system increases safety for pedestrians and vehicles alike.     Eve Picker, Founder, Small Change Small Change is a real estate equity crowdfunding portal to help fund transformational real estate projects, helping communities identify and deliver change-making, high-impact urban development.       Euwyn Poon, Co-founder, and President, Spin Spin's mission is to help people move around cities. Their first product reimagines bike share - Spin's GPS-equipped smart bikes are unlocked via a mobile app and can be dropped off at any bike parking spot. By offering a convenient, affordable, and environmentally-friendly mode of transport, Spin aims to reduce congestion and improve last mile transportation in cities.   Victor Splittgerber, CTO, Green City Solutions Green City Solutions are the creators of CityTree, combining a vertically installed moss culture with Internet of Things technology to address air pollution in cities. Each CityTree has the environmental equivalent of 275 urban trees, at a fraction of the space and maintenance costs.     Article Source........ Newcities Summit 2017    

Prixars Electronica Digital Communities Prize 2016 - Honorary Mention

SafetiPin is a technology tool that seeks to use big data to make cities safer and more inclusive for women and others. We have mobile applications that collect data about safety parameters in the city. Our apps provide data about the level of safety in different public spaces in the city. We use the methodology of the safety audit, which measures the following parameters: lighting, openness, visibility, walk path, availability of public transport, crowd, gender diversity, and security. SafetiPin started in 2013 and initially collected all data through crowd sourcing. Through this method, we collected over 10,000 audit points in Delhi and another 7,000 audit points in eight other Indian cities. This data has two distinct audiences. First is the individual user who can use the data to make safer and informed decisions while using and moving around a city. All this data is made available to all users of the app - currently approximately 40,000 users. This data is visible on the app and on our online platform and the user can interact with the data. A user can share their feeling of safety in an area and that gets added onto the database of information that we have. We provide a Safety Score and our app gives an alert when a user is in an unsafe area. We have recently launched an app My SafetiPin, which has a feature that shows the safest route. We share the data with urban stakeholders to help them work towards the improvement of safety in different parts of the city. For example, we shared the data with the Public Works Department in Delhi who used it to improve street lighting in the city. We also shared the data with the Delhi Police who correlated the data with their data on unsafe spots in the city. Similarly, the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon used the data to work on improving streets in the city. We also established formal MoUs with the City of Nairobi and Bogota to share the data collected. In addition, we are also sharing the data with Manila, Jakarta, and Mexico in partnership with UN Women and UN Habitat. We are supplementing crowdsourced data collection with nighttime pictures of the city through an app SafetiPin Nite, which is mounted on cars to generate pictures of the city at night. These pictures are coded on the same safety audit parameters mentioned above. Using this method, we have collected data in 27 cities across 8 countries.   Biography:SafetiPin   The SafetiPin project began in April 2015. The two co-founders (one a gender and urban safety expert and the other a technology entrepreneur) came up with the idea to build an app that worked on crime prevention. Further, we wanted to make this data widely available to women and others in cities across the world. It took around six months to develop the app and conduct a pilot in Delhi before launching it in November 2015. We then forged partnerships with NGOs in other Indian cities and conducted pilots in eight other cities. We also began expanding to other countries and launched the Spanish version in Bogota and a Bahasa version in Jakarta. We built a Hindi and a Mandarin version and began sharing our data with urban stakeholders.   Article Source.........Prix 2016

Financial Times – IFC Award for Transformational Technology

The Transformational Business Awards are open to all financial and non-financial private sector organizations. The focus is on specific projects and transactions and the impact those initiatives have or promise to have on the problems they are targeting. While the focus of all categories is on transformational impact in developing economies, the awards are also open to projects that address similar market deficiencies in the developed world and that could be replicated in severely undersupplied regions. The aim is to recognize, showcase and reward innovation, impact, replicability, financial viability and sustainability across a number of key development sectors. Special attention will be given to private sector-led public-private partnerships. Projects or transactions must have passed the implementation stage and should result in measurable impact. They must be financially viable now or potentially within five years of implementation. Only initiatives that have been implemented since 2010 will be eligible.   SafetiPin (Active Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd.) is shortlisted for Achievement in Transformational Technology    The award for Achievement in Transformational Technology recognizes ground-breaking transactions, programs and initiatives that harness the power of technology to disrupt markets and/or directly address basic needs of the underserved, and have the potential to transform communities and their aspirations in the long term. This category is open to private sector businesses that are providing transformative technology and sharing-economy solutions across key development sectors.   SHORT-LISTED NOMINEES 2016   With 155 entries received from 219 stakeholders and involving projects in 92 countries, the shortlisted nominees for 2016 are as follows: Other nominees include: enovatRx, HBL, Mobilink, and NADRA, PakistanLubax, USMobisol, GermanyPiramal Foundation, Indiawhat3words, UKYES Bank, India   Article Source.........Financial Times Live

Safetipin has been honoured as a Mobile World Changer

From green living and women’s safety to senior care and animal welfare, mobile innovation is making a global impact. At IBM, one of our core values is celebrating innovation that matters to the world. In that spirit, we’ve developed the Mobile World Changer series to honor organizations who are leveraging the power of mobile to better their communities worldwide. This list spotlights mobile innovation around the world, but the heart of this effort goes beyond technology alone. The innovators on this list are being recognized for mobile innovations that improve, change and, in some cases, save lives. These organizations are being presented with a digital badge to celebrate their success in using mobile technology to fight for what the world needs most: unity, empowerment, positive change, and equality. The following are our Mobile World Changers:   1.) Safetipin: Ensuring women’s safety in India New Delhi, India has been described as one of the most dangerous and unsafe cities in the world, especially for women. Founded by Kalpana Viswanath and Ashish Basu, the mobile app Safetipin was designed to support safer cities. The app includes a robust personal safety tracker feature that lets users track a person who has turned on his or her “Track Me” button. Safetipin also uses mobile technology and crowdsourcing to inform local governments of the safety scores of certain neighborhoods. The Delhi government has announced plans to illuminate more than 7,000 dark spots across the capital as identified by Safetipin’s mobile solution.   Download MySafetipin App   2.) Daystar University: Breaking education barriers in Africa 3.) United Way of Greater Austin: Closing the economic gap for low-income families 4.) Tapp Commerce: Democratizing commerce in emerging markets 5.) SimpleC: Fighting Alzheimer’s for aging Americans   Article business insights

Safetipin Selected in Nominet Trust 100 of 2015

This year’s NT100 celebrates the projects using digital technology to tackle some of theSocial innovators around the world are using a vast array of tech for good, from most pressing global challenges of 2015 humanitarian drones to 3D-printing, and geo-location to social media London, Wednesday 9 December 2015: Today, Nominet Trust, the UK’s leading tech for good funder, has announced that Safetipin has been named among 2015 Nominet Trust 100 (NT100)– a global celebration of the 100 most inspiring uses of digital technology for social good. Projects featured in the NT100 are using technology to tackle some of the world’s biggest social problems including support for refugees in Europe, healthcare, social inclusion and our emergency response to natural disasters. Following a global call for nominations earlier this year Safetipin, a mobile app for collecting and sharing data about safety in cities, was selected by ten leading judging partners from the tech and charity world in recognition of our work. Safetipin which started in Delhi, now collects data in several cities in India and other countries.

SafetiPin App wins mBillionth Awards South Asia 2014 in the category of e-women and children

Safetipin is honored to have won the mBillionth Awards South Asia 2014, in the category of e-women and children.

Safetipin App won the Avon Communications Awards 2014 - Speaking Out About Violence Against Women

SafetiPin mobile safety app is honored to have won the 3rd annual Avon Communications Awards 2014: Speaking Out About Violence against Women in the category of Innovative Campaign.