A way to deal with uncomfortable situations

Walking home alone at night? Use 'Stay with me' to request friends to track you as you walk home.

Want to move away from someone without being obvious? Use 'Call Back' to have your phone ring after a few seconds.

Find yourself alone? 'Call Me' will notify multiple friends and ask them to call you Want to scare someone? 'Scream' will make a very loud noise.

Meeting friends? 'Where are you' will notify your selected friends, and allow you to see their location.

Really in trouble? 'SOS' will send a notification and also make a loud sound on your friends' phones, so they know you are in trouble. All options turn on when pressed once and off when pressed again. You can set options within the Menu.

Set it, Forget it, Stay Safe

The Safetipin track app allows you to set alerts that are sent automatically to your family and friends if something unusual happens. You can set these to activate on certain days, or times of the day.

Set places you visit often from the Menu. Then select the + sign from the home screen and one from.

'I am outside my safe places’. Use this option to set safe locations for your children and receive a notification whenever they move out.

'I am in an unsafe place'. If your work or other activities require you to be in potentially unsafe places, your friends will be able to track you from when you enter to when you leave.

'I am late'. This option allows you to set the time it takes for you to transit between places; for example from your home to your office. If you are late, it will send a notification.

'I am in transit'. This option asks for transit locations, and sends a notification when you are in transit.

Safety Score

If you are moving into a new locality or simply visiting a new place,its better you know what's the safety score of that locality or place vis-a-vis of the other place.You will now have a ready reckoner to help you judge the state of public infrastructure and personal vulnerability to crime in a new locality or a place.