Recording and Audits

Make your city safer – report what you see and feel. Its easy to do and will help others. Touch the Record icon, select from Hazards, Harassment, Places and Audit. You can then select a category and upload pictures and comments. You will immediately see a pin on the map


When moving into a new locality or simply visiting a new place, check the safety score and take appropriate precautions. Touch the Safety Score icon at the bottom of your screen. Tap once and drag to see another location. Drag the slider to check out an entire area.


Find nearby hospitals, banks, filling stations, hotels, pharmacies, police stations. From Menu, select Locate. From the drop down on the top, select the option - eg transport. Touching any of the locations will show directions to get to the place. Any icon with a safety pin has been reported by a SafetiPin user.


Keep in touch with safety updates in neighbourhoods you care about. Select Wall from the Menu. Tap on the + sign. Search for the place you are interested in. Drag the pin on the map to the place of interest and move the slider below till the circle covers the area. All posts will now be visible for you to review and comment


Track friends and let them see where you are at the touch of a button. From the Menu select Settings. At the bottom you will find the Emergency and Track section. Select the + sign to add people who can track you. They will receive a notification and can accept. Your friends who want to track you, can do the same. Now to let friends track you, select the track Me option from Menu To track your friends, select Track from Menu and then select the friend from the drop down.