Make Safer Decisions

The app uses your present GPS location to show you the safety score of your neighbourhood. The score reflects the safety perception of public spaces.

The score is a validated measure, calculated by considering a number of parameters that impact the perception of safety in an area, and opinions of users.

Explore other neighbourhoods as well, by selecting the search optionProvide your opinion as well - whether you agree with the overall safety perception or not. Your opinion is critical in continually improving the score.

Find the Safest Route to Your Destination

Going anywhere? SafetiPin maps a large percentage of roads in a city and uses this data to provide you with information about the safest route possible. It uses Googles algorithm to determine alternate routes and then provides a score for each alternate route and identifies the safest one.

To use this feature, select the Explore option and then select Safest Route.

View your City

Take the time to explore your city from a safety perspective. You may find interesting aspects of which you were not aware On the home screen, view learn more to understand the parameters on which the score is derived.

View comments to see opinions and photographs

Select the Explore option. There is a pulldown on the top right that gives a number of options. Select Heat Map to view 'red' or 'unsafe' areas in the city. Select Audit Pins to see each pin in the area. Touch them to view the parameters.

Conduct an Audit

An audit at a point will require you to enter an option for each of the 9 safety parameters.

Your audits have the most value in determining actions taken for city improvement. It takes a minute - the first time it may take two. To do an audit, select Explore and then the Audit button.