About SafetiPin


Track your loved ones to know they are safe!

SafetiPin has a robust personal safety tracker feature to act as your personal guardian. The SafetiPin GPS navigation app lets you track a person who has turned his/her Track Me button on. You can trace their movement on a map and find their exact GPS location to be able to provide them swift help in case of crisis.

How it works

The SafetiPin mobile app's GIS mapping service contains location based tracking feature, enabling people with SafetiPin installed to track you when you want.

Set up the Tracker
  • Select Menu, and then Settings.
  • Select the + on the Emergency and Tracking line
  • Select Add Contact
  • Enter a name for the person who will be able to track you. Enter their email address (the one they have registered with on SafetiPin) and their phone number
  • Unselect the Tracking or Emergency option
  • Add more people the same way
Set up a tracked session
  • Select Menu and then the Track Me button (which will grey out)
  • Do the same thing to turn it off (button will be white again)
Track someone
  • Select Menu and then the Track button
  • From the drop down on the top of the Track screen, select the person name
  • If the person has turned their Track Me button on, you will see their movement on a map
  • Touch a pin on the map to see what time they were there (only past hour)


Compare the safety score of your neighbourhood with others!

If you are moving into a new locality or simply visiting a new place, its better you know what's the safety score of that locality or place, vis-a-vis that of the other places. You will now have a ready reckoner to help you judge the state of public infrastructure and personal vulnerability to crime in a new locality or a place.

SafetiPin safety app's safety score is all about information on personal vulnerability to crime in every pocket of your city, along with infrastructure and basic amenities available in a place. At the core of the safety app is the Safety Audit. Safety Audits are conducted on the basis of a set of 9 parameters that together contribute to the perception of safety:

  • Lighting in the Area
  • Openess of the Area
  • Visibility in the Area
  • People Density
  • Security
  • Walk Path
  • Transpotation in the Area
  • Gender Diversity in the Area
  • Feeling

Each audit results in a pin on the specific location where the audit was performed and also records the time and date for your reference.

SafetiPin safety app is recognized as one of the most innovative safety apps, and SafetyScore aims at giving information to citizens about true state of safety and development in an area.

The mobile app has been conceptualized on citizen-centric safety issues to enable targeted problem solving via advocacy and community engagement.

Heat maps are certainly in fashion these days, showing us every kind of map based information like the most popular places for eating, drinking, sightseeing, and pretty much anything that can be tracked.Sum of them are really very useful and some not so useful. SafetiPin heat map for your city's safe and unsafe clusters show the safest locations and routes in your city. Green color in the heatmap is for safe, amber for less safe, and red for unsafe.

The SafetiPin safety app's Heat Map mapping application accommodates multiple map layers containing useful safety related information. You can view the list of the contents of the GPS navigation app, turn on and off the layers according to your need, and examine the symbols for layers.


Locate nearby places of interest with their safety information and directions

SafetiPin lets you search for useful establishments nearby. The search results include important safety information and directions. The results display a neatly stacked list of nearby places of interest with alternate routes to these locations.

SafetiPin lets you find nearby 24 hour pharmacies, hospitals, banks, filling stations, restaurants, hotels, theaters, and more quickly. The locate feature facilitates you in case of any emergency by finding establishments with safety information and safest routes to those. This is very crucial for your personal safety. When travelling, you can refer safety audit details to view safe and unsafe locations, and plan your routes accordingly with the help of our GIS service.

SafetiPin uses your current location as a starting point to show nearby points of interest. On the basis of your current location it gives you a list of different types of establishments around you. Tap on a category of your interest and it returns a list of those that are nearby. Make a selection, and SafetiPin shows you a map with the route to your selection, as well as contact information.

Do check the SafetiPin "Locate" feature the next time you use SafetiPin mobile app. It's easy, fun and useful!

Get Involved:

How you can help us make your City Safer

Make your city safer - report what you see and feel!
Record places, harassments, hazards and audits in a fun way and do your bit!

SafetiPin is an outcome of Collaboration of activism, audits and analysis. SafetiPin empowers people through crowdsourcing to get involved, and stand up to say "no more". This conceptual and technological breakthrough combines Activism, Audits and story-telling to push for social change. SafetiPin brings personal safety related issues like street harassment, bullying and safety hazards etc. to the forefront, to effectively deal with those.

SafetiPin has developed and pioneered the use of extensive and rubric-based Safety Audit process as a problem-solving tool for communities that are interested in more effective intervention in street harassment and similar safety concerns. The SafetiPin mobile application is an advance Safety Audit tool used by interdisciplinary groups and street harassment advocacy organizations to further their common goals of enhancing safety and ensuring accountability when intervening in cases such as street harassment and bullying. Its premise is that we need community participation to make our cities safer.

Why we need your support

This conceptual and technological breakthrough involves Activism, Audits and Advocacy to push for social change. We need your support to help people live safer and confident lives, free from all kind of violence, aggression and other safety hazards.

Let's share safety related information! It's as easy and as fun as updating your status!